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Water Heaters

Has your water heater begun to sputter? Are you looking to for a water heater installation that will save energy or money?

Then Marshall Services is ready to help!

Across Pennsylvania, we've been providing water heater repair and replacement services since 1945, and we can help you choose the right make and model for your unique home. If you need urgent support for a broken water heater, we're also here 24/7/365 with live phone answering and emergency responses.    

Conventional vs. Tankless Water Heaters

Not sure whether a conventional or tankless water heater installation is best for your home in Montgomery County? Here's how these two popular styles stack up:

Conventional Water Heaters

Conventional waters are likely what you think of when you picture a water heater: a cylindrical tank hidden away in the basement or utility closet.

  • Efficiency: These water heaters continuously heat and store water. You'll get hot water quickly, but you'll also pay for constant heating.
  • Power Source: They run on natural gas, electricity, heating oil, or propane.
  • Size: Conventional water heaters are quite large, up to 5 feet tall or more.
  • Cost: Because this type of water heater installation is relatively quick and simple, costs tend to be fairly low.

Tankless Water Heaters

Also called "on demand water heaters", tankless water heaters have become increasingly popular across Pennsylvania.

  • Efficiency: These water heaters operate only on demand, so they tend to be more efficient. You may wait slightly longer for hot water.
  • Power Source: They run on natural gas, electricity, or propane.
  • Size: Because these heaters are about 2 feet tall on average, they take up less space and can be wall-mounted.
  • Cost: Compared to conventional water heaters, tankless water heaters are more costly upfront and may require electrical retrofitting.

Local Experts for Water Heater Repair and More

If you need help choosing the right water heater installation, Marshall Services would be glad to work with you! We offer both styles of water heater, and we'll never try to sell you something you don't want or need.    

The bottom line?

We'll listen to your concerns, inspect your property, and make a professional recommendation with no sales pressure. With upfront cost estimates, our No Surprise Price Guarantee, and our standard warranties, you won't have anything to worry about!

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