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Whole House Surge Protection

When most Pennsylvania homeowners think of surge protection, they tend to envision the individual power strips into which we plug computers, TVs, and other household appliances. But these smaller surge protectors are far from the whole picture. They only provide limited protection, especially in more extreme weather events like lightning strikes.

That's where Marshall Services comes in!

Instead of relying on bare-bones, store-bought products, have our licensed electricians install a safer, more comprehensive layer of surge protection for your home. Unlike a lightning strike, our service is totally risk-free! Our signature No Surprise Price Guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee will ensure your complete delight.

Why You Should Invest in Whole House Surge Protection

If you've never considered adding whole house surge protection to your circuit breaker panel box, you might think that we're just trying to sell you something you don't really need. But trust us-we aren't!

The bottom line?

We're committed to work done with integrity, and we apply the same old-school service principles today as we did when first opened for business in 1945. We never try to upsell our clients-instead we focus on reliable, objective recommendations to help them enjoy a safer, healthier home.

Here's why a whole house surge protector is truly a smart investment:

  • Many homeowners' insurance policies don't cover lightning strikes, yet your electronics can be damaged even by strikes a mile away!
  • Homes in Pennsylvania are hit by more than 20 power surges a day, which can take a toll on low-quality power strips.
  • With the right surge protectors in place, your electronics and appliances may last up to 30% longer.
  • We back our whole house surge protection with repair and product warranties for long-term performance and peace of mind.
  • Through numerous payment options, you won't have to stretch the household budget to better protect your home.

Learn More About Whole House Surge Protection

Your home and family are too important to leave vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature! Call Marshall Services today to find out more about whole house surge protection that safeguards against power surges, lightning strikes, and other all-too-common electrical risks.

To explore our services and speak with a licensed electrician, give us a call. If you'd like to sign up for your free cost estimate-backed by our No Surprise Price Guarantee-send in our online form now!